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HA HA HA! I was just in the bathroom and my mom was putting curlers in my hair in order to like make it all shiny and what not, and I guess they were hot because they're curlers and because she kept muttering things like, "Holy shit" and "Jesus" but at one point they must have really burned her fingers because she yelled "MOTHER!" and then let one drop to the floor.

I could be the next Tinkerbell at Disneyland because I am short and my hair looks like hers does when I put it in a ponytail (because it's all messy! heh heh!) only it's not blonde right now it's pink but I could make it blonde if I had some goddamn bleach and an orange julius. I forgot to call Andrea and Mya back tonight, but they are nice people, I am sure they will forgive me. At least I hope so. I need to get wings implanted so I really can work at Disneyland as Tinkerbell. I think that would be my dream job. I wonder if Tinkerbell has tattoos?

Sometimes I want to talk all back-ass-wards just so people will tell me that I talk all back-ass-wards. Like German people. If you directly translated some of the shit they say, you'd get some pretty funny shit. For example, Ich kann das Fenster nicht aufmachen. Directly translated that means: I can the window not make open. Doesn't that blow your mind? It blows my mind. Shit.

You know what else? I like it when people get excited, and everything they type ends with an exclamation point because then anything they say automatically becomes like they're saying it all ecstatic like. Case in point: My brother has tadpoles! Lots of them! Everywhere! I am going to go have a bowl of soup now! See what I mean? It's freakin' hilarious when people get excited.

Jessica: Tanja, tell us why you like to crush the cans
Tanja: Because it's GOOD!

Exclamation points again. Ha. I have to clean my room soon because my family is coming tomorrow. The window is open and it's cold. I don't think anyone should ever rely on someone that they love or hold dear because the only thing people can do is create vast happiness for a short while and then hurt you terribly with their faltering attention and affection. I'm going to get a jacket, excuse me. Ok, I got a sweater but it's cooler than a jacket because it has ghosts on in that glow in the dark. Now I am warm. It feels like I am getting a scalp massage from Lucifer. MOTHER!

You know what? My fingernails are all crimpy, you know, like when you crimp your hair? Well I guess I had some sort of vitamin deficiency because I have two crimpy fingernails. It kinda freaks me out to look at them because it looks like something that would be painful but it's not painful. It's just a scary thing that happened. Very scary. I wonder if I would hit skin in the deep crimps if I buffed them away? Yuck.
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