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Plural Noun: Babyland.

I've decided that Chocolate Chip Teddy Grahams look like they have leprosy.

Aaron called me today while I was asleep and said, "CAKE" on my answering machine. I love that boy. He has my CD's and I am facing a bit of a dilemma about what my plans are for tomorrow. I was supposed to live with him, but I don't know if I am up for it. I really wanna see Moulin Rouge again, and I want to... oh yeah, see other movies that are good and funny, and clean my room and vacuum it for once, and I want to make my senior picture appointment, and dub the tape of Zim that Stefan lent me. I have all these things to do. *sigh* But I finally cleaned the catbox, so now Eli can poop freely without worry.

Crazy people were making hell of noise outside earlier and Eli's being an angel. He is finally the cuddly type who will calm down if you hold him or play with him enough. I am glad he is mine, but he kind of looks like an alien life form. I should have talked to Bryan tonight. He was long distance, butI talked to Lindsay the Movie Star instead because I love her and we always laugh late at night. I love my funny friends, they rule hardcore.

I have discovered a new way to say yes. Lindsay and I were talking about when I finally get my room clean that I should have a sleepover with her, Josh, Stefan and myself at my house. Then came, "Do you think your mom would let us?" and I said, "Yeah, as long as we were quiet," and she said, "Dood, we sooo need to do that." and I replied, "Fatty."

So yes. Fatty is the new word for yes. Feel free to use and and confuse your peers with it. Ha ha. I am funny. But not really. I'm just tired and everything is funny right now. Just like the iceberg thing. Bryan said he would make a livejournal. I want him to. I would be a fan of it hardcore.

I love knowing what other people think it's ok for everyone to know about their lives. Yes indeedy weedy.

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