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My Angel, My Only

I didn't get to go to Fidel's tonight and visit with Mya like I wanted to, but hopefully he and Mya are having some sort of fun without me. That would be grand. I got a mail from Dusty today, which was nice.

I am kind of wondering why he even bothered to be nice to me and write a mail because Lindsay the Movie Star was with me when I met him, and he has easy access to her mail information. Why bother with the swine when you can go straight for the pearls? However, it was nice to get a letter like that. Random letters from nice people are always good.

I love Rasputina. I love Invader Zim. I love the telephone. I love making CD's. I love meeting people. I love buying DVD's. I like going weird places and making videos. I like being confronted at 1.oo am in front of a 7-11 by some guy who knows my name and tells me he hasn't seen me in such a long time, and I don't even know who he is.

I love people that yell. All this and nothing.

I read Bryan some of my poetry last night at his request. He said he liked it and that the one about the crunching gravel gave him deja vu because he used to kiss peoples' eyelids when they went to sleep. He tried to convince me that I'd be good at writing and reciting flows but I don't think that is so.

Maybe everything is crazy.

Katie L. called me tonight and that was phenomenal. I love that girl and haven't talked to her since Fourth of July. On a more unfortunate note, she's going to be laying off the party scene for a bit because she has to lie to her parents in order to go to them, and I can understand where she is coming from.

There is a big party tonight called Area 51 that I will not be attending and that is the fattest shame I've known in a long time. It's a massive and I really want to go. It sounds like it would be the fattest fun on earth.

My dad is getting up to go to work now. I suppose that means I should stop with my posting and go to bed or something. I'm not tired. My mind is racing too hard.

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