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Blind! Blind!

They must have booby-trapped the sun somehow! Because I looked at it for too long and now I am blind. Blind and depressed. No one wants to hang out with me past midnight. That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life. Now I am off to do my hair and make-up and dress up all cute only to be ignored and spat upon and unappreciated.

You know what Bryan said to me that made my heart break? He said, "How can a girl like you not have a boyfriend?"

Even if a girl like me did have a boyfriend it wouldn't be happy times. It would be he would beat me, or hate me, or anything else bad you can think of. Once they feel secure, or that you admit you're in love... they will keep dragging you through the mud.

They fooled me once, shame on them. They continue to fool me with their good looks and their cute "I am a skinny boy"-ness so shame on me.

I wish boys didn't exist. I can't believe something so juvenile turns me on.

Well, I feel like going shopping, but I won't. Get out the party favours, tonight's the night I crash and burn.

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