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Mya Said There'd Be Days Like This...

I remember when I was at Aaron's birthday party, Mya and I somehow got on the subject of Pulp Fiction, and we got to talking about how every day in the summer of eighth grade we would sit on her couch and watch it (even though her mom was disapproving) and rub Ben-Gay on our ankles. Our ankles always hurt for some reason. And then Mya said, "I should try heroin sometime. But I don't really wanna stick a needle in my arm. But I should still try it."

We've always wanted to do hard drugs. I remember telling her that angel dust was acid's big brother, and we both thought that was cool. We wanted to be angel dust junkies. Too bad I have no idea where to get any, otherwise I'd have spent my fated night in that black car with my glitter and my chilly billy.

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