alecto - your little bluejay (pollytrance) wrote,
alecto - your little bluejay

Voice Post:

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“So I'm on my way to Oakland for this edition of KARAOKE and I was forcibly reminded of this one time when I was in Oakland and I had two passengers in my car, I think were looking for Jack in the Box or something, and we were passing all these street signs that had trees on them like lit up street signs. I was getting more and more confused then I turned to one of the passengers and I say, seriously, what the hell is up with all the trees on all the signs and said passenger looked at me like I was completely retarded and he said well, they're OAK trees because we're in OAKland, oh my God, yes it was really really funny at the time and yeah, KARAOKE ok bye.”

Transcribed by: multiple users
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