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Spooky Old Men-- Disconnected Bodies

I am afraid of astral travel. When on another plane you are not of your body and cannot scream. Earlier today I almost got attacked by some old scary man with sleep and redness in his eyes and I couldn't scream. I can never scream in dreams, no matter how hard I try... and then I felt the weirdest feeling behind my eyes. It felt like they were Velcro-ed together and I had to rip them apart, and upon ripping open my eyes, the image of the man, who was, at that time, almost nose to nose with me, ripped in two and I found myself staring at my window. Never again am I taking naps in mid-day. That scared the shit out of me, and I can't help but wonder, though I sensed danger, was that only fear? Maybe I was supposed to do something, or the man was going to give me a message. I don't know, all I know is that it thoroughly freaked me out.

In other news: I got a car today! Hooray! It's a 2001 Hyundai Accent GL, brand-spanking-new with only 14 miles on the odometer! I will finally be able to drive without worry and get my license. I am so excited! Even though it is not a Tiburon, which is my dream car, but in a few years I will be able to trade this one in for a Tiburon of the '01 variety, as long as I can get a job. So now I have the car, I just need a job and a license.

I am happy. First thing I am going to do is decorate it. I already put a tape in there and tomorrow I am going to work on the floor mats (I already have a Powerpuff Girls one, and I think I am going to put it in the backseat. When I am done with it, that car will scream "KATIE" and I will be happy.

I also need to christen it with a name so that it knows I love it, because I would never want to hurt its feelings. (I wanted to name it Traci Lords, but it's not red, and it doesn't look like a girl... after I am done with it, it won't look like a boy either, oh well. I will choose a gender neutral yet cute name) And it's a four-door, which is very nice because it makes for clean getaways and such, and no crawling over nonsense like two doors. And it was made for small people just like me (small as in short), although even though the seatbelt is all the way down, it still bothers my neck.

And I parallel parked in it today and did a really good job. I've never parallel parked before. I can't wait to be able to just drive, and gas prices are going down too.

Didn't I say that weird (but good and WAY appreciated) universal happiness keeps befalling me? I like this a lot, but I am terrified it will go away all too quickly.

I still haven't cleaned my room, but am going to do so now. I have a lot of energy now!

Ok, so since I have a new car with big, big speakers... anyone want to make me a mix tape? It would be rather exciting... some of you could maybe expose me to all sorts of new and good music, and I would love that more than anything. Nothing is better than random and controlled goodness flowing from the tape player. If none of you want to do this, however, I will understand, I just thought it would be fun. If, however, anyone is interested in doing this as a favour/happiness-maker... please leave me a comment and I will give you all the vital information (address and such).

I love you all deeply... I'm serious. I mean it. Even though I don't comment that often (server trouble, serious) I still love you all. You make me cry with joy.

The best part of all was that Stefan said if I got a little Japanese car that he would aesthetically help me rice it out in order to exaggerate its Japanese-ness. Hello blue headlights! Ha ha ha! I will love that car, I swear. I think I am going to Maaco and getting the paint done blue though... I've always wanted a blue car. And I know that Tiburons and Accents come in blue, so it wouldn't look funny.

Yay! And Sean told me that Billy Corgan is coming to town soon. I wonder what he means? I would die for that. To meet him, to acquire his autograph. Perhaps all this will happen, provided that the universe keeps treating me in this lovely and oh-so-nice manner.

Le sigh.... (and she lived happily ever after).

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