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Perfection, Pop. 62

This morning was perfect. I got up and watched Zim, and the whole time my cat was purring and cuddling with me, and my brother was watching it with me. It was a Kodak moment.

It seems everything is blissful. I really need to stop questioning it. I love the way things are going. My brother, who, before this, never was allowed in my rheum, is now asleep on my bed. I found him asleep in there and covered him up with my comforter. Something wonderful has come into my life.

All is full of love. I want to drive, I want to drive... that's the only think that's not going my way. Oh well, it will soon. They said they just want to rest first.. That's ok with me.

Later I am supposed to go to the Waterfront Festival with Lindsay. I am looking forward to it.

Ah yes. Papa's got a brand new bag.

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