alecto - your little bluejay (pollytrance) wrote,
alecto - your little bluejay

That's Alright, We All Make Mistakes.


I thought it was Mick Jagger. Jesus Christ.

Why aren't those 'truth' and 'above the influence' people using THIS as a cautionary tale?

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Sadly, yes.
haha they so should. it would require a "graphic images" warning on the commercials
Kids need to see stuff that freaks them out!! I remember when I was a kid, the PSAs totally freaked me out.

"Nobody ever says... 'I want to be a junkie when I grow up.'" with a slo-mo shot of a miserable-looking filthy homeless guy sitting on a nasty sidewalk in some cold grey city while all the business folk walked by and ignored him.

I was like... shit. I am never doing drugs.
You don't think she got like that smoking weed, do you? If it's not evil devil marijuana, they don't want us not using it.
Um, no. I believe that it was a combination of her chainsmoking, drinking like a fish, something about doing crack in a dingy apartment, etc etc etc.

I think the reason that 'above the influence' focuses so much on the naysaying of marijuana is because it is 'the gateway drug' and if they stop the children from smoking js, they can also stop the children from ODing on heroin.
Yeah, it's sad how much money is wasted on ineffectual campaigns like that.
As much as I am not a fan of weed in general, I still think it should be legalised and taxed and treated the same as cigarettes.

Thing is, alcohol is legal, cigarettes are legal, and plenty of people see the evils of those filthy smokers and those abusive alcoholics. If marijuana were legalised, I think that the people as a whole could finally find themselves able to condemn lazy lay-about potheads that smoke wayyyyyy too much the same way they chastise cigarette smokers and alcoholics. It would no longer be, 'Oh, that complete criminal marijuana user!" It would be more like... "Look.. that person smokes so much pot that they are lazy and fat and have little money to spend on other constructive things."

Obviously, there are pot-smokers that have their shit together and use it the same way people smoke or drink-- to relax. However, having it legal would definitely bring to light the people who use it to such the excess that it damages their quality of life. The whole thing is a slippery slope, for sure, but I think the legalisation might help turn the economy around.
looks a bit like Carrot Top, sans the freckles and fiery bush... so I guess not that much like Carrot Top.
Carrot top freaks me out. I liked him better when he was just an awkward skinny freak who did comedy with second rate props.

Now he screams and pumps iron and is made of nightmares.
"made of nightmares"

He really, really is.

haha, hop on AIM... I'l not bhe up for much longer, had a really long day
I think I missed my window. Hope you feel better!
A person can really die as a result of alcohol toxicity.