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Moses Deyell And The Legal Beagle

So who here is fluent in legalese? I got this thing in the mail that says I am part of some class action lawsuit against one of my former employers because they did crimes against humanity or something.

They were definitely a shitty company, and they did things that would turn OSHA's hair white, but I never had the means to do anything about it before.

Now it appears that I do.


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I got those from a few businesses/companies I purchased things at. AFAIK, you don't have to do anything, and they'll send you some settlement when/if the case is settled.

That said though, I've never been involved in a class action lawsuit against an employer, so I don't know if that's different.
Is there a law school near you? The one here gives you free legal consultations.
You probably just have to sign a letter and send it back to get a check in the mail. I have gotten a few settlements from former employers and I think that's all I had to do.