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Anonymity Is Confusing...

I got another little thingie from Just a saying I was a fashionable dresser. It was the third one this year and it was anonymous, as have been the other two. You'd think people would WANT you to know they thought highly of you, or maybe it was some ass who was just messing with me or mocking me or something. And I got one of those Crush Link things earlier this year that was anonymous too, and I was never able to figure it out.

Other than that it seems that I am pretty well rested.

Last night was one of those crazy teenage nights that I will never forget.

So it was Thursday afternoon and I was wanting to sleep but not being able to because the phone was ringing off the hook, my mother and brother were being loud, it was too hot, etc. So then I finally pick up the phone and it is Josh and he is wanting to talk about his current tragedy, so we talked as long as we could and then he had to go.

So then Lindsay called and we talked for a bit and Katie called through and Lindsay said she had to go to bed, so I talked to Katie and we decided to go orange bra shopping with Alexandra. We succeeded in finding orange bra stuff and went to Old Navy where I actually saw some nice things and picked up an application. Yay! Soon I might be employed. That is certainly something to get excited about.

So anyway... we dropped Alexandra off at home and then we proceeded to Jason's house because we had to go pick up his friend that was stranded in Fairfield. So we went to Fairfield and picked up his friend and then went to Burger King for lunch and then to Raley's to deposit a check. The boys came out with an 18-pack of beer.

We proceeded to a park where lots of drinking went on, but I did not partake. Everyone was kind of perked and Katie had to go to the bathroom, so she had ME drive them to McDonald's to go pee. (*Note: I do not have my license and have never driven Katie's car before, whose wheel alignment is off, has no power steering and bad brakes. Got Safety?) So I drive them there and I was turning into the McDonald's parking lot and suddenly everyone is screaming and telling me not to turn so I pretty much floor the gas pedal and according to them, narrowly missed an accident. I don't know why but I was laughing so goddamn hard, and then they told me I couldn't drive anymore. So I let the drunk people drive. Once again, got safety?

So then we went back to the park and they finished the beers and some wine coolers, and we just drove around for a while and ended up on First Street down by the water. Katie and Jason wandered off to talk about Katie's ex, and Joe and I ended up sitting there staring at the water and talking about crap that didn't need to be talked about. So then everything just got too weird and I was like, "We need to find them, they've been gone too long." So we got into Katie's car... she left us with the keys... and we went all up and down looking for them. They finally came out and I realised how really out of it they were because they were both laughing and their eyes were rolling and all that good stuff.

So we decided we wanted to go to Wolves and the boys didn't want to, but Katie and I had a wonderful time... Josh said I should come down there more and I really think I will. The atmosphere is just wonderful down there.

Then we went to this park that we weren't supposed to be in and the boys finished off some wine coolers and then they drove me home.

It doesn't sound that exciting but I guess you just had to be there. There are too many little details to express. But it was a good night. Then I came home and talked to Bryan for a bit, and then Josh called and we talked until like four in the morning about girls and boys and astrology and how living purely in the mind kinda sucks because OCD people drive themselves crazy and crazy people drive themselves crazy and now my mom is gone to Hawaii until I don't know when.

Then I woke up and had a mysterious number on my caller ID and Nicole had called and things are just going so weird and circular I can't wait to see what's next.

Invader Zim is on tonight and I think it is a new episode, so I am excited about that.

I want to see the Fast and the Furious again.

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