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Five Years Is Too Long

i want to wish the happiest of happy birthdays in the whole world, ever, to the spectacular rae.


first of all, let's go over a few reasons why she is awesome and deserves this:

- she likes smashing pumpkins, booze, hot cars, knives and guys with big dicks
- she's an amazing artist with the best captions for art that i have ever seen:

'I use this drawing to guilt my boyfriend into having sex with me.'

'This person's head is shaped like a balloon because he is, as they say, "high"'

'I forget what made me draw this. Probably the japanese.'

'if anyone is interested, i'll take a pic that doesn't blow'

-she appreciates violence, especially girl-on-girl violence involving stairs
-she thinks 'the best boys in the world are the ones who light shit on fire'
-she has used the words vom, glam, and hella in her daily life
-she gets really pissed and fierce if you capitalise her name. it rules
-she occasionally smokes cloves, but her car smelled of newports <3
-she likes tits and ass, and as such, knows that it is nice to share hers
-she totally got it in with a guy named JAMES BOND
-she gave me my first ever firefly
-she rose again like jesus
-she has absolutely no shame and it is so awesome and refreshing
-she only wants 'the essentials' for her birthday
-she likes to ask how to say 'bookcase' in german when she's drinking
-she yells at people when they try to speak indonesian and it's funny

and now, for photos (some of which look weird cos I have no scanner):

That was us the first night we met. I'm not sure why we're sitting on the floor. We peed in the garden in tandem that night, and ran around the yard in our underwear. more first meetings should be like this.

The reason she is shirtless and laughing is a very awesome one.

please note and admire the 'fishtown' shirt and the 'nuts nuts nuts' and the saltwater taffy man. we were drunk on parrot bay that day, and she looks freaked out because we'd been on the ferris wheel and she thought she was going to die.


our first ever glam night together.

happy birthday, cupcake. i love you!!

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