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Lovers Need Lovers

The Good News:

Today, it has officially been one month.

Happy anniversary!

Looking forward to many more.

The Bad News:

Riga is still missing despite all of the posters all over town, two trips to animal shelters, three trips to vets, and lots of walking all over calling for her. She's not chipped and her collar is break-away (got it so she wouldn't hang herself).

The longest she's been gone before is two days. Today marks her fourth day away from home.

She's not even a year old.

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one month since what?
since secret things!
Congrats! I always knew you and Stephen would eventually tie the know. Just wait til one year ;)
Close, but no cigar :P

You know what is really crazy? We probably WILL. I mean, just considering how everything is and has been. If we do, I want you as my maid of honour, just because you said you always saw it coming.
Sweet! I'd be overjoyed. I'd predict the two of you get hitched within 5 years, though more than likely within the next 1.75 years.
gravymindfondle (9:51:32 PM): are you still fishing?
Downshifter000 (9:52:04 PM): nope...raiding
gravymindfondle (9:52:16 PM): CAMPING
gravymindfondle (9:52:20 PM): DO IT
Downshifter000 (9:56:22 PM): no, not camping
Downshifter000 (9:56:26 PM): i do not camp
gravymindfondle (9:56:28 PM): DOOO IT
Downshifter000 (9:56:35 PM): CAN'T! RAIDING!
gravymindfondle (9:56:42 PM): CAMPING
Downshifter000 (9:57:50 PM): NOOOOOOOOO
I am the older alter ego of a friend of yours… I'll give you one guess.