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Fashionable Posture

Some of us are not fortunate enough to look pretty when we laugh or smile. We look funny when we are asleep because we lay on our sides and our faces are smashed against the pillow. We don't want anyone to look at us unless we are standing up straight and/or wearing a corset. We don't want them to see the freckles that are starting to show because the weather has been sunny. We want to keep our eyebrows plucked to perfection and never have to worry about stray hairs. We want to get rid of that one horrible scar. We want to be able to hunch over and still look ok, just like Kate Moss can do. Whatever happened to Kate Moss? Why do things get old and then disappear, only to be cherished or missed if ever they resurface? What is the purpose of anything that will cause pain in such a way?

Space Ghost was good last night. One of them was a re-run, with Rob Zombie and Raven Simone. Did I mention that I fucking HATE Scooby Doo? That's like the worst cartoon show ever. Believe me, I've watched it, so I know what I'm talking about. I'm not like those bastards that see part of one episode and then claim that they hate the entire thing, I've seen at least five and wasn't impressed. The premise is always the same, those bastards never lose. And though the premise is always the same, there are some elements of that show that change. Such as Shaggy's hair colour. He's supposed to be some hippie, but he uses hair dye? Either that or the colourists of the animation decided to go between goddamn black stubble and brown hair, and then black stubble and carrot top colour hair. Jesus. And Great Danes can't talk, and why the hell does Shaggy like Scooby snacks? No matter how stoned he is and how bad of a case of the munchies he must have, he's gotta realise that it's goddamn dog food. Jesus.

Bijou Phillips is so good. She's one of those good people who can sing a happy song and it will still make you cry because it's so good. Like Tiffany, maybe it's just because I am a sucker for sappy pop. But I don't like Martha Stewart one bit. Jesus.
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