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I Once Was Tired, But Now I'm AWAKE

I want to sleep with all the rich men, I want to sleep with all the rich men, I want them to like it so much that they shower me with money and I am effectively single!!

Is that a utilitarian belief? I don't know. All I know is I feel good even though I've only gotten three hours (give or take 1/2) in the past 40.

Today I was awakened by the sounds of people yelling and rocks being thrown at my window. Lindsay and her dad showed up at my house at around 12.30 and then I got ready and we went to see THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, my time #2. I love that goddamn movie, I think I am addicted! No, I know I am addicted.

"He's driving a Honda 2000." Chad Lindberg is so goddamn sexy!!

I found out that Tammy used to think Colin was the cutest boy ever. That was so COOL!

So then after the movie we went to Lindsay's house and saw off her dad and dressed up in sex shirts (revealing stuff, lacy and all that), and then we went to get Bonnie.

But shortly after we got Bonnie, Lindsay got sick and had to go home, so Bonnie and I watched Willy Wonka and I slept through half of it because I was so tired, and then I came home at like 10.30 cos Bonnie has to get up early.

I drove today! That was cool.

George Michael RULES!!

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