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I Want To Wear Red Lipstick And Be Called Mabel

What a wonderful morning this is! No one is home and I have the whole house to myself and I can blast my obnoxious pop music (currently Ace of Base) and everything is wonderful.

Tom and Jerry is on. I watched the Space Ghost Coast to Coast last night that starred a cast of thousands... and I also saw THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS... that movie makes me drool and want to know all about cars, and rice mine out and then race it.

I forgot to call Mrs. Pearson and tell her I couldn't come to the high school and help her stuff envelopes this morning. God I am such a typical valley girl. I say "like" every other sentence and I twirl my hair on my finger, and I forget what I am talking about a lot of the time, and I'm boy crazy and a flake. Does that spell valley girl and high school senior? I think it does. I'm a fucking senior!!! Yay me!

Katie and I and Bonnie and all the girls I know have already planned really fun stuff to do this year... too bad all the other seniors before us pulled such terrible senior pranks that we won't be able to do shit without getting in terrible trouble. Who cares!! I have a new car that I can drive and wreak havoc in! I just need to get my license and the application from Old Navy that I lost.

I want to see that new Chris Kattan movie where he drives a yellow car and belts out cheesy 80's tunes in a relentless manner.

I wore my hair down today for the first time in YEARS. It felt really good. I got it to do what I wanted, not just look like a disgusting pile of frizz.

I finally feel good about myself. Now to paint my fingernails black and paint the town RED. Too bad it's like way too early in the morning to do anything of the sort.

I have to tell you all a secret (but I bet most of you already know what I am going to tell you!!).

Here is the secret:

I very rarely have any idea what I am talking about and I like it that way!

I am currently feeling hopeless regarding the webpage situation though. I'm not very patient when it comes to that stuff, and lack of scanner makes it hard to add more interesting content. I'm not satisfied with my gURLpages one because they only let me have 10 MB of space-- whereas my tripod one lets me have 50!! 50 is hella more and it means more eye-candy, more ramblings in general... I need to figure out how to put a counter on that shit though-- but I've got the guest book.

Oh well, all in time. The background is pretty interesting!! For those of you who feel like looking and making fun... here you go: rats live on - no evil star

Yeah. That one is my primary focus now, and all I have to do is copy/paste the work I did on gURLpages and it will all be good. I want to put up pics of Eli... he is so goddamn daffy. Reminds me of me... I suppose we are a perfect match.

Leaving the Earth is a lot more complicated than going around it really fast.

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