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It Means You're Fucking Crazy

My friend Aaron is downloading the whole movie of Goonies onto his computer. He says it will take 1.5 days and when I asked him why he doesn't just buy it, he said, "Because then it wouldn't be on my computer."

I think one of my favourite topics is insanity. I was reading Erin's lj and she got rid of her blue bobels. It's kind of sad in a way if you think about it, because everything changes, no matter if it's as minor as a bobel. I'm excited about June first. Jessica and I are going to see Moulin Rouge. It's the new Kidman movie and I am more excited about it than I have been about a movie in a long time. Right now I'm uploading all the music from my CD's that I ever listen to so that I will never long for a song again. You know what my favourite thing to say is? "But we have the same mother." Don't ask. The first psychiatrist I ever saw diagnosed me as a manic, and the one I have now refuses to say that I am, she insists that I'm cyclothymic but I think that is bullshit. I'm feeling very angry right now for no apparent reason.

Should I say, 'uh'? UH! That's something that I said a long time ago. I say lots of things and then forget about them, but on here that's like an impossibility, because they are written textual evidence. I think this thing will become my tool and perhaps it will help me write that book I've been dreaming about writing for so long. I think everything is starting to crumble again. I will line them up and count to ten. I sometimes wonder if I should do something crazy like put this address up in a bathroom somewhere in San Francisco just to see if anyone will care. Just like Todd Colby did when he gave out the poemfone number. He passed out the number, and left everyone who called a strange message, and then offered them a chance to talk back. My entries would be the strange message, and then the comment boxes would be the talk back. I bet that would be something fun. Just to see how the world responded to one meager little girl, eyes glowing bright with dreams of reaching out and touching someone. Sappy as hell, yes, yes. Maybe not the world even. Just someone. Someone. A word with a thousand different meanings yet leading you to believe it is all so simple. Someday I would like to be in a parade. That would be very interesting. Maybe something even as minor as one of the crowd that they choose in the daily parades at Disneyland, even so, I could add it to my list of things I've done in my life, and when I die, I want that list to be a mile long. I've gotta go turn off my TV. I don't wanna come into some shitty episode of Dragon Ball Z. And just to let you know, my hair IS naturally blonde, just because I'm not some Children of the Corn towhead doesn't mean I have fucking brown hair. This stupid girl at the DMV didn't believe me when I told her my hair was blonde because it was dyed pink. What the fuck did she want me to put on my damn ID under hair-colour? Pink? I think not. Stupid DMV bitches. They finally changed the stupid California DMV tests because half of the questions were trick questions and 75% of the people who took the tests failed them and it was causing major transportation problems. I'm just glad somebody noticed. Jesus. I realise that tonight I must sound like some whiny harpy who is no happier unless she is bitching about something but I have a right. I am a girl, and every now and then we PMS, so deal with it.

I don't understand why when people use songs for advertising a product, they don't give the name of the song. Like tonight, I saw two different commercials with really pretty music in them. One was some Volkswagen commercial where this guy was driving on a bumpy road in order to get to this chick's wedding, and the other one was a Tommy Hilfiger commercial with this jazzy song in the background and all these kids were at a party wearing Tommy clothes and this couple was making out in some photo booth. "Wear Tommy clothes and your life will be like THIS". I hate ad campaigns like that. And I hate the elevated gas prices, but I suppose that we had it coming seeing as how there won't even be anymore oil in 50 years so everyone should profit on it now while they still can. Just like the electric company. The world is gonna be so screwed if all the power fails because we depend way too much on electronic information to keep us together. I mean look at my lj. Electronic. Go figure. Well, I think that's all for me, a girl needs her rest, you know? Ciao.
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