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I Did It And I'm Not Sorry...

Last time I took a diva test I was Bjork... where did I go wrong?

Anyway... yeah I wrote this long post earlier and then AOL crashed and I lost all of it so I guess lucky for you guys because I bet it was just drivel anyway.

But yeah-- I tried to get to bed early but couldn't sleep until goddamn six am... and then I was planning to get up at ten thirty so that I could call Lindsay and so that my dad and I could go driving (why don't they just TRUST ME? They don't even let me on the freeway... GOD DAMN IT MUTHA &%#*&@!#*... at this rate I won't have my license till I'm 30 because they're not ready for me to... everyone else my age is mobile, and it's not like I don't try, I could pass the damn DMV test if only they would let me take it GOD!!! *end rant) and then he just leaves because he was going fishing or something what kind of bullshit is that?

But anyway... if this day get any shittier (yes, it is more shitty than above stated I just don't feel like bitching anymore than I already did or being pissy and everything, so it's not like I'm making drama, NEITHER!) than I will have to try my best not to hang myself waiting for Zim to come on tonight... I'm still not sure where I am watching that at? My house? I don't need to, it's a rerun... but there is one on Saturday that I don't have on tape yet, so that will be all good, and Saturday I get to go see the Fast and the Furious again with Derek and that will be dope because that movie rocks my socks. Damn that was a long sentence. Probably a run-on with the best of them. Too bad, I'm not thinking clearly.

Lauren: i wish we could have a karoake party
Me: hell yes dood
Lauren: we'd invite rupert and visor boy
Lauren: and seduce them with love songs

Ah yes, teenage plans. I'm drinking sun. Yes, sun. Snapple sun.

Maybe I will partake of some Vodka tonight... I'm almost sure I will. Because I don't care.

I really don't feel like seducing anyone.

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