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Good News?

I sort of regulated my sleeping habits. I am up this early because I set my alarm and all is well. I'm going to Grass Valley for the weekend with Lindsay

Last night Lindsay picked me up around 8.15 and we headed out to Stefan's house to watch Zim, even though I was kind of upset because I wasn't officially invited to come... well... that's a long story, apparently I was... whatever.

So we had to go downtown to find Josh first, and we were blasting such girly tunes along the way as Mariah Carey's "Someday" and En Vogue's "Free Your Mind".

We went to get Josh and ended up picking up Josh, Warren and Aaron. We get up to Stefan's house to find that we have missed Zim entirely; it was 9.30. So after we watched the days old Zim tape, everyone went outside to smoke and socialise and eat grapes (Stefan is kind of particular about having people in his house) and then decided to go downtown... where lots of people were smoking and socialising and some ghetto Vallejo people were filming the impressionable youth of Benicia having boxing matches.

Then we went to 7-11 for "snacks" (my snack consisted of Bubblelicious) and proceeded to the rooftops, where they are no longer painted silver, and me and Mike's tag is gone :( So we went running and clomping around inside the studio building until 12.00 and then Lindsay and Josh decided to go home but I really didn't want to. So me, Aaron and Stefan went back to Stefan's house and played video games until two when I came home.

My mom is home from Hawaii last night at like one, and now I'm leaving for the weekend. She posed this question: "What am I, chopped liver?"

Yes. My life is so exciting, I'm sure you are all exhilarated. I hope you all realise that was sarcasm.

If my life was any less exciting you would think I was without movement. Bah. I stayed up till four-thirty in the am, wish me luck on getting along like a lil' doggie today. I think it's like a two-hour drive or something.

We are bad kids in terms of our health... me, I don't do drugs, but I may as well because my sleeping habits are like that of a speed freak. Ha ha....I just can't wait until I get those chic bags under my eyes.

That will be cool. But then I will be one of them and that will be scary.

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