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Taken And Forsaken

I took this from Aubrey because it looked fun but she stole it from someone else.

Wallet: Depends on the day. I have a red sparkly trifold that says, "Rockstar" on it, a furry trifold leopard print one, a silver Powerpuff Girls one that says "Charge It" on the front and a black shag-carpet style fuzzy zippered one. They alternate.

Hairbrush: The one attached to my blowdryer. If I use a regular brush the tips of my hair break off because they are fried and I don't want to cut it because senior portraits are coming up.

Toothbrush: Mint-Green and Sea-Green swirly Colgate.

Socks: Lots of them, everywhere. (For Lauren and Lindsay). White with grey on the bottom.

Underwear: Pink sparkly bikini-style today.

Shoes: None right now. Black Vans with a Silver "v" on the side and black and red shoelaces with stars on them. Like a communist, the stars are red and the laces black.

Key chain: Right now I only have one and it says "Kate - Keke" because my mom brought it back from Hawaii. My keychains will grow to obscene numbers though.

Keys: Hyundai Accent key, Volkswagon Cabrio key, house key

Car: 2001 Hyundai Accent GL in Silver Mist

Soap: Original Irish Spring & St. Ives Peach Sorbet Body Wash

Pants: Red cotton with laces on the sides.

Shirt: Pink Powerpuff Girls T-Shirt

Pillow covers: Purple Powerpuff Girls ones with Stars

Duvet: Purple Powerpuff Girls one.

Sunglasses: Big round Jackie O.-style glasses and square ones with purple lenses -- they alternate.

Nail polish: Black fingernails, Blue toenails.

Handbag: Powerpuff Back-Pack, Tinkerbell Backpack, Munsters lunchbox or Powerpuff Lunchbox-- they alternate.

Perfume: Cheap and lovely Jovan White Musk.

CD in car stereo: No Cd's... just mix tapes. Patsy Cline, Cowboy Junkies and the like.

Tattoos: Soon, my child, soon.

Piercing: None right now. I used to have two in each ear but they turned black and blue so I had to take them out because I am allergic to metal.

Physical: 5'3", ash blonde hair (naturally, not right now), blue eyes, fair skin (in other words WHITE WHITE WHITE), small hands and feet, many many scars.

Bah-- I suppose that's it. And it's funny that I started this thing around 7 pm yesterday. Too many interruptions.

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