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Coincidentally, His Toes Were Purple As Well...

Speaking of purple, there are two shades of purple currently in my hair... and I have a new haircut which was actually an accident, but it was all cutesy in the end. I fried my hair with bleach today and the ends turned into pieces of shit and when I was trying to blow dry it half of it broke off so I had to do an emergency cut and it was so scary because senior portraits are tomorrow. But it's fixed and I am purple, two shades :).

So then in the middle of my hair emergency, Stefan calls me and tells me what I already know: they aren't showing the Fast and the Furious in Vallejo anymore, OR Concord, OR Fairfield... so the day he finally decides to see the movie, it is no longer playing. But being the cunning German that he is, he found a cinema in Vacaville that it was playing at and only costed $4.50. So we went to the 9.30 showing and I got to see the Fast an d the Furious for a ... fourth time I think... or fifth, I'm not sure, but it was good.

And I didn't have to pay for it, because Stefan is nice. He ended up liking the movie and we ended up driving home really fast just because that movie makes you want to race after you watch it. So then we raced to 7-11 and I bought us gum and drinks because he bought the movie tickets.

Then we drove down First Street and along the sidewalks and in some alleys and stuff, and he yelled, "ANDY! YOU GOONIE!!" out the window. Good stuff dood, especially considering we were in a residential neighbourhood.

And then we went back to his house and watched Goonies until I had to go home at one, and he was convinced that I was trying to "steal his goat" and he kept calling me a child... but everybody needs to be a kid, act like a kid, or at least be in the proximity of a kid every once in a while. All in all lots of fun. Reminded me a lot of eighth grade.

Eighth grade was the best grade ever. If I could go back I would. I miss Mike and Mya. I miss the days of craziness that we used to live in. I really don't wanna ever grow up.

This was another night that made me glad to be alive and 17, which is good because yesterday I wanted to die. And my post was exceedingly long and bitter. My apologies to all of you.

Well, I have senior portraits in the morning and I need to get up early so I am off now... to bed and dreamland.

Only 19 hours 'til new episodes of Zim.

And now I've found a partner
No one can be... happier than I am
And now I've found a new friend
No one can be.... happier than me
Happier than me
Happier than me
Happier than me

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