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Roll On

Today... was kinda fucked up like that. I got up at 10.30 and then went to the mall with my mother and brother in order to find a necklace for senior portraits. I succeeded in finding a nice crystal sparkly one and a pretty pink fire one. Yes. Girly stuff rules.

I also got in a huge fight with them and jumped out of the car and ran off when my mom was trying to find a parking space. I am a stubborn, immature Taurus girl and this is the kind of shit that people remember. Some guy was staring at us because the windows were down and we were screaming at each other. Purple fury? Bah. I hate it when I am so irritable like this. So my mother and brother spent the whole time we were there (three hours) looking for me when they were supposed to be shopping for his school clothes. It's amazing how much they worry and how much I don't. I am a really terrible person and I often wonder if the world would be a better place if I did not face it... sometimes I don't have the strength to.

When my mom found me she came up and gave me a big hug and told me she was sorry and then I felt really bad. I don't understand how I can be so evil and unfeeling sometimes.

She then proceeded to buy me $30 worth of make-up for my senior portrait. (Shimmering powder and gel lip gloss from a way too expensive place.) And then we left. And then we were a family again. I felt like crying.

So then we got home and I got dressed up and I looked like I was from the '50's because my mom doesn't like my modern make-up and then we left and I took my portraits and they went fast and I was glad to have them over with.

So then we came home and I was exhausted and I watched October Sky (Chad Lindberg!!!) and went to sleep for a couple of hours and woke up to the phone ringing. It was Travis. He bitches at me about not being a good friend but then he goes and cancels our plans to watch Zim that we've had since Tuesday. So I say fuck him and I wait for someone else to ask me to do something.

Oh and somewhere in all that I called Bryan and told him happy birthday because today is his birthday.

Then Stefan contacted me and was like "ZIM!" because it has become a Friday ritual. So we decided to watch it at his house and we just barely made it in time, and it was a good episode... and Aaron was there too, so that made it very interesting. Aaron didn't even notice my hair dood. The change was drastic. I think he might be blind. He gave me some trash... a lolli-pop wrapper. "Here," he said. "I didn't suck on this, so you can have it. It's not good to give people stuff that's been in your mouth. You give the stuff that's been in your mouth to the trashcan."

Aaron is an odd bird.

Then he left to go to work and Stefan and I went down to Hollywood Video and rented Heathers and The Breakfast Club-- both of which I have never seen all the way through until tonight. They were all right. The hype behind them is so great that one is bound to be let down.

After that was done we played this weird sort of game of tag to see who could poke who the most, who was strongest. I won, of course. *Breathes on nails, polishes them on shirt* But he let me win because in actuality I am a weakling.

Then it was two so I had to come home and we drove home... and then I checked my messages and found that Katie had called (I LOVE KATIE!! She rules hardcore man!! He kissed a monkey) and I need to call her back tomorrow.

Then there was the message from Travis. Nice and sweet like we didn't fight. (every time I am mad, he never knows I am... so then... whatEVER!!) "Hey sweetie, I hope you feel better and that you're resting, if that's what you're doing. It's pretty late so I am going to bed but I will call you tomorrow. Hope you feel better." I was sick earlier. Now I am even more sick. Why does he do this to my mind.

Fuck me, snub me, love me, hate me.

Such a nutcase.

Anyway... that was my night. Yes, my life is full of excitement.

To all of you who are wondering where I am on your comment boards: I have been reading everything but I have dragged my ass home late and been only awake enough to post. Commenting is a long process. But I promise I will make it up to you all. If you want me to. I haven't even the strength to reply to the comments I've been getting. But I will. Saturday will be about fixing all my mistakes. And I know exhaustion is no excuse. I can't make excuses in the real world, so why do it here? I apologise to you all, in a serious and profound manner. I AM VERY SORRY.

Saturday I have nothing to do, except call Mrs. Pearson back and tape Zim reruns. So it will be devoted to all of you lovely people who have me listed as a friend. I love you I love you I love you. I'm serious. I really do.

Ha ha. Double D is lecturing me about my eating habits. "You will eat a pickle and call it a meal. You will eat a meal and call it a feast." He thinks I am malnourished.

Oh, and I made a new, out of the blue friend. Everyone go by and say hello to Mya won't you? And Lighter and Joe. They are new but I didn't welcome them properly because I have been a cunt in this thing for a while.

Ok... that's enough. Eyeballs falling out. Where's Timothy Leary when you need him?

Hunger pains.

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