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Power Isn't The Only Thing Going Out

Oh my GOD! Yesterday I had the longest lj entry in the universe and then when their database got all screwed up, I wasn't able to post it, and it wasn't mindless drivel, it was stuff that people could relate to, or find funny. But now it is lost forever.

So I learned a new pick-up line at school today. I think it's the best line in the world. It goes like this: You look so tired! Wanna sleep with me? HA HA HA that's the best line on Earth. Anyways, today was another one of those long days that crawled by slowly. I had fun though and I hatched an evil plot that will probably be exposed herein at a later date. Yesterday in 5th period Youna brought an afro wig, and she and Ameerah put it on me, and then I proceeded to put on some techno music and rave-dance in front of the class (which my teacher was ok with, as long as I did it center stage). I saw one girl that sits in front of me snap a picture and I heard one of the cheerleaders yell, "You rule!" Perhaps it was because I was crazy enough to get up and do that, or maybe because I had more spirit than she did at the moment. Today that very same cheerleader got a call on her cell phone in the middle of 5th period, and everybody heard it ringing, so what she did was, she picked it up, screamed "GOODBYE" and then turned it off. Later she checked the number that had called her, and it had turned out to be her mom. Once she found out it was her mom, she muttered "Dumb bitch," and put her phone away. Just say no to family values, I suppose.

Yesterday I bought some baby carrots, and they are yummy. Speaking of food, I have a funny story to tell. On Saturday, I went to this scrumptious Chinese restaurant which I have begun to frequent, and got some won ton soup, which I always end up getting, seeing as how soup is my favourite food. I kinda feel bad about getting that though, because I leave the mushrooms and the water chestnuts in the bottom of the bowl and don't eat them, and the waiters always have to ask me if I'm done before they take it away. So I decided that I would try to eat the stuff that I had been leaving in the bottom, so it would be more obvious that I was done, and so the chef wouldn't be offended. So there was this green leafy stuff which the stalks of were pretty good, but the leaves were horrible and bitter and soggy and I could only handle eating like two of them. So I get home, and my mom is watching this cooking show, and the chef is this Chinese guy, cooking soup, and I found out what the leaves were. They were SPINACH! Don't get me wrong, I love Popeye with all my heart, but he was an idiot for eating spinach. Speaking of my mom and her crazy habits, a couple of nights ago I was sitting on the computer and typing, and suddenly she yells, "HEY! I'm going to buy you ... an AIR CONDITIONER!" and then she started cackling as if she'd just cracked the funniest joke in the whole world. I think that my telling her she has dementia every day is beginning to seep into her brain and be the truth. Plus, we already have air conditioning, so honestly that made about as much sense as trying to brush your teeth with a toothbrush that has no bristles. Another thing: I think her craziness rubs off on me, because if I just randomly told someone I was going to buy them air conditioning I would probably cackle louder than she did. Or maybe living with her is just aggravating my already-crazy condition.

Last night was a hard night. This guy that I am friends with is really depressing and he always says hi to me like he's glad about it, like it's worth it, but I really don't wanna be his friend anymore. I don't like him, I don't like what he's become, and I don't feel like associating with him anymore, but he's a nice guy, so I don't know how to tell him this without hurting his feelings. Even though I don't like him, I'm not cold-hearted enough to just drop him on his head. He changed. People can't help that. It's something they do whether the decision is conscious or unconscious.

I have discovered a universal truth: at one point or another, everyone has been a fetus. It's a simple truth, and maybe even an obvious one, but it's true. Everyone has been a fetus.

My friend's cat is having babies and I get to have one of them. I am going to have my own cute, fluffy, nice little kitten, cos the cat we have now hates my guts. Every time she goes in my room, she shits on my bed or pees all over my clothes. True, my clothes shouldn't be laying all over the floor, but she's got no right to do that. She is never in my room, except I guess when I'm not home, and I try to close my door but I guess she uses her hard head to push it open (it doesn't latch, you have to dead-bolt it to close it). She's scared as hell to go in my room, when I still felt like cuddling with her, before she starting urinating and defecating everywhere, she would claw the hell out of me and the door to get out of there. I hope that when I get my kitten, it beats the shit out of my other cat to teach it a lesson. That's all for now I guess. My spring of creativity has run dry at the moment, and that's all the news anyway.
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