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Yellow Drives Babies Crazy...

And how did I know I was gonna be a yellow? I just knew. Because yellow is the most obnoxious colour ever.

I am a yellow... and a weak secondary blue. Dixon had the link to this test on his journal so I followed it and had to know.

Yellows Value Play

Yellows consider life to be a party. And they're hosting. One father (Blue) was disappointed when his son (Yellow) preferred spending time with friends instead of with him. I reminded the father that his son was motivated by fun, and suggested that he should try to come up with activities that his son felt were exciting. It was the "better offer" principle - and it worked. Yellows just want to have fun.

Yellows Welcome Praise

Yellows need to be noticed. Little else improves a relationship with a Yellow more than praise. Yellows need to know they are valued and approved of. Yellows often act as though they have the world by the tail, but they do have their fears and frustrations - which they rarely confide until they know they are emotionally safe. Safety is most effectively evidenced to Yellows through praise.

Yellows Need Emotional Connections

Yellows often appear so nonchalant that people think they don't care about anything. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yellows need a great deal of attention. They need to be stroked. Yellows enjoy touching. To them, physical contact is often the most direct, comfortable intimate connection.

Yellows Want To Be Popular

Yellows like to be center stage. Social acceptance is very important to them. Friendships command a high priority in their lives because popularity answers one of their basic needs - the need for general approval. Yellows are highly verbal. They relish good conversation, but they can also simply go with the flow. Yellows can superficially chitchat with the best of them.

Yellows Like Action

Easily bored, Yellows seek adventure. They can never sit still for long. They choose friends who, like them, refuse to allow the "boring details" to get in the way of the most important thing in life - play. Ironically, numerous people are currently misdiagnosed as having ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) when, in fact, they are merely Yellow personalities struggling with their innate inability to sit still very long and/or stay focused.

Well, yes... that's pretty much me. Only, I don't car about being popular for real.

Go here to find out what colour you are.


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