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Speak Of The Devil...

Tonight was interesting. I talked to Lauren on the computer for a while and told her everything about what's going on in my life.

(The things that I do not include in the posts... it has become unsafe... but there is more going on than anyone knows.)

So then I was talking to Stefan and he said he had to go... so I said bye. Then he said, "Well, I have to call Molly but why don't you come with me I want you to meet her."

So at 6.30 I ended up travelling to Fremont with Stefan to go to this barbecue that doesn't really exist. It is sort of a barbecue... there are people there chilling out and socialising. There was no food. And we were painting a bus. That bus was the coolest bus I have ever seen. I can't paint or do artistic stuff for my life though.

So we hang out, and paint, and move big pieces of wood... and I got my hands on this nifty 80's sweater that apparently only looked good on me because it matched my hair. No one else wanted it. I am one sweater richer. Then around 12.00 the party died down and Stefan and I went to Andy's. But Janelle and Molly and David (the people I met there) were very nice and asked me back... and I don't think they realised I was still in high school. It was weird and satisfying to hang with the twenty-somethings.

Janelle: 25
Molly: 23
David: 27
Stefan: 20
Me: 17

But it all worked out well in the end.

So when we got to Andy's Josh was there (with Miguel and James and some guy I've never met before named Florin) and I poured my soul out to him about the events of late. Apparently he has been living it up, which is a good thing to hear.

Then it got late and I had to make curfew, which is two for me, so we went home. There were two messages from Travis on my machine. One quite threatening. "I suggest you call me within the next day."

For some reason... tonight was good, but not... satisfying, but NOT.

I wish I could know all the things I don't know but want to know.

I can't believe Josh was at Andy's.

Everything of late has been surreal.

Everyone liked my new red corduroys.

I am still just a child and friend.

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