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The Joy Of Ibuprofen

I really feel as though I should post something... almost like there is something I have forgotten. But no...

All that's going on is that I need to feed the dog and I think the fish but I am not sure because I think in order to do that I need to handle worms.

I want to clip the dog's toenails because it hurts her to walk butI don't know how to do it and if I tried I would bring more harm than good and she is old, she does not need that. Her name is Ladybugg.

Because we bought her when she was ten, and her name was pre-chosen I thought I had some direct connection with James Iha because his dog's name was Bugg.

I thought I had a psychic connection with ALL of the Pumpkins at one point, even Jimmy. (And I mean the TRUE Pumpkins, not Melissa Auf Der Whore)

Crazy child me.

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