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Show For You

Fuck me with a shovel. Travis has called twice today. Once to say that if I need a ride to Vacaville tomorrow he will give me one (because the Fast and the Furious was playing there) and then he called me again to invite me out to the movies to see Osmosis Jones.

I posed this question to him, "Uh... are we still broken up?"

He said, "Yes." Like it was the most obvious thing ever. But every time else when we break up he:

*doesn't call me
*doesn't want to hang out with me ("it hurts too much")
*freaks out if I call him...

So something weird is up.

So I go on to say, "Well, I have no money."

He says, "I'll pay for you." (Oy, technical date? I think not, and then what do I do if he wants to hang out afterwards... can't make excuses about my parents not wanting me to... they're not home... I can do nothing)

I say, "No, I would feel bad if you did that."

And he goes, "O....K...."

And I say, "And plus, I have all this laundry to do and everything..." when he called I was doing laundry. But also I am expecting company later but that's not a polite subject with a fresh ex. So yes... slave to the laundry.

Travis says, sounding peeved, "Well, ok. Bye then."

Me: "Are you mad?"

Travis: "N-ye-n... No. No. I'm not mad. Bye." Click.



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