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Feel The Rhythm Everywhere

Goddamn sucka!

It won't let me view my friends page. I saw half of it and now it says LJ is out. I can't LIVE without my friends page. I want to know what's going ON in all these LIVES that aren't MINE because my life is not EXCITING enough.

I need STUFF. I am also very nosy and love to read other people's online journals. Is that sick? Yes. Yes. Mwahahaha.

So yeah-- I don't know where I left off.

Ok, I do know. Lindsay was in San Francisco and Stefan was MAYBE spending the night again. And I couldn't get a hold of Mya.

I think I am obsessed with staring at the computer generated visualisations that came with my MP3 player. I could stare at them for hours. But I am music-oriented so maybe that's why. Music + Visuals = Heaven.

Anyway, after Lindsay left, she called me and we talked and then she had to go for real. So then I decided to take a nap (from 3 to 5 pm so that I wouldn't be the ghoulish dragging hostess) and then when I woke up I fed the dog and fishes and cats and did some laundry.

Then I got a call from Stefan saying that he was coming over whether I liked it or not. He didn't specify whether or not he was a) bringing Aaron or b) spending the night, but when he called I was in the bathtub so I told him he had to wait before he came over. So he did. Because he is nice.

So then he came over and it was just the two of us in the house and he showed me the goodies that he brought. (A velvet tire-marked shirt and some CD's and the Gregg Araki "trilogy" that he has.) We watched the Living End under a blanket on the couch. It wasn't that great of a movie in my humble opinion. I dunno, it seems to me that this Gregg Araki guy (he also did Nowhere and The Doom Generation) is all for shock value and no matter how shocking if something is too over the top it becomes boring.

But whatev. Then we tickled and bit each other for a while and tried to lay and watch the movies on the floor and he ended up falling asleep because all him and Lindsay got yesterday was four hours so they must have been exhausted. I cheated, I got six.

So there was no waking him up, and I went to my room and called Bryan because he had called before and we talked for a while but he was preoccupied with calling into the radio station to freestyle so he had to go. Bryan asked me what was going on and I said "My friend Stefan is asleep in the living room." and he said, "Really now? What if he wakes up? Isn't he gonna be jealous that you're talking to me?"

Bah. Jealousy is not a part of anything when it comes to Stefan we both have wandering eyes and that's why I like it. Because it's so easy. Because nothing is defined. Because I like him and he is nice to me... and there is nothing yucky to deal with. In fact, there is nothing to deal with because I don't even know if he likes me. I just know we have fun when we hang out and I think fun is one of the most valuable assets there is.

So anyway, after I got off the phone with Bryan I went in to see if Stefan was still asleep and he was, so I shut everything off and woke him up to tell him if he sleeps on the floor he will fuck up his spine. He yells the word "spine" back at me a few times and I told him get up and go in the room and lay on the bed and save your spine. He yells "room" a bunch of times but still doesn't get up. So finally I get him conscious enough to move to the couch, because there was no way I was getting him to the bedroom as tired as he was. So the second he hits the couch he starts freaking out because he says the pillows are crooked (but they're not, they're straight), and I am here laughing hysterically because half-asleep people are funny and nonsensical. He asks is I am making fun of him, and then he goes to sleep and I cover him up and turn all the lights out and go to bed in my own room.


I wake up to the alarm at 9.30 and I get up and make coffee and brush my teeth and then I go and wake him up and tell him it's 9.40 and that coffee is brewing. He rubs his eyes and says, "SWEET!" and gets up and stretches and goes to the kitchen. He makes his coffee and drinks it and we talk for a little while and then all of a sudden it's 10.30 and he says he has to go or he will be late for school... but then before he does, he asks what the plan for tonight is.

(This is the part where I die. He wants to hang out again, even though we've seen a lot of each other in the past few days.)

I tell him I don't know and he says that he has to go, but not to worry because he will be back and then he gave me another hug for goodbye. It was longer than the last one and I hugged him more tightly than I probably should have. But that's just the way it is. He's so tall that I have to stand on my toes to do that.

Then he left and I kinda wandered around my house wondering what to do next. Now it's noon time and I should probably eat something because all I've had in the past 12 hours was a Citra and three Safeway select cookies.

And I need to call Lindsay and see if she can hook it up for group tonight. I got scrill.

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