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I've Got No Reset For This Game...

MAN! All capitals at that. Is there no time when LJ will never be just LJ and not "overloaded" or "servers are down"?

I definitely need to get myself a paid account. First I need to get a job.

Well, my parents came home today so all the fun is over, it seems. They came home around noon and then Lindsay and I retreated to my crypt and talked for a while.

There is snow in the valley. Just kidding. Really though I can't elaborate on the events of last night just yet because my mother wants to use the computer. I will probably come post about everything later when the fam (who is now home grar) is asleep. Maybe the servers or whatever will be un-overloaded by then.

I just know one thing for sure-- no Stefan for me tonight. I will elaborate later.


but only for now.
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