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Don't Give In To Me... Unfade-able Like You...

Shit. I don't know what I did, but I fucked up my journal and now the font is all huge and hideous. I don't remember doing anything weird-- and now that I can finally see my friends page... I can't see the entries I've missed because it says I did something bad to the template.

Hmmm... that's what I get for trying to use a computer and not knowing anything. Maybe I have just been posting too much.

I don't care. I am posting more. (Yes, shut up I am so Taurus everyone can SMELL the bullshit.)

So last night Lindsay and Stefan came over, this time in separate cars and we all decided to go downtown. (Stefan hates downtown but we were being kinda of arrogant and bitchy so he submitted.)

Downtown sucked and by the time we actually left all the movie places were closed and we couldn't rent Beetle Juice so Lindsay had a stroke of genius and we ended up going to Andy's and catching a late dinner and talking a lot. He sat by me in the booth after he decided there was nothing cool on facing the TV side. That was exciting.

Then we all had food and I picked up the check because I had to pay Lindsay back for gas in some way or another and then we kinda milled around in there and then we left and went back to my house.

When we got back to my house it was like three in the morning and Lindsay went in to wash her face and brush her teeth and do all those things that wise and clean teenagers do and Stefan and I laid on my living room floor and he took my hand and held it and we just laid there like that talking about various subjects until Lindsay was done doing what she was doing...

And then Lindsay and I went apeshit and started running around the house singing that song "In The Hall Of Mountain King" which I don't even think has any real words... we were just screaming the tune and running through the halls and jumping out of corners at each other and tickling Stefan and stuffing his pager down his trousers and playing with a fuzzy leopard-print slap bracelet (which also made its way down his trousers) and then Lindsay brought this bag of potatoes... children and their nonsense.

All in all, we had fun.. and Stefan was falling asleep. We tried to wake him up-- and he looked up with sleep-filled eyes and said, "Man you guys, I wish I was unfade-able like you." Poor Stefan. We tortured him the past three days but there was no denying it was fun.

So we all decided to go to bed and sleep again in the queen, (which actually belongs to my parents, and that is the best part.... one of the blankets still smells like Stefan and I love the way he smells!!) and I am in the middle again.

But Eli won't calm down and he keeps jumping in our faces and clawing at us so Stefan and I decide to go put him downstairs for the night and then when we got back into bed he put his arm around my waist and his head on my shoulder.


At 9.30 the alarm went off and we sat up and he shut it off and we looked at each other and then we laid back down for a couple of minutes and then got up and made coffee. While it was being made, and while it was being consumed, Lindsay was still asleep and we talked about a lot of stuff and I got a hug in the kitchen. That was nice. I swear I love him so much. I love falling asleep and waking up with him there.

So then Lindsay woke up at 10.30 and was like, "Damn you guys... how long have you been up? Why didn't you wake me up?" But she wasn't serious... she was already laughing and talking about how her hair was all '70's style and voluminous. (I must admit she looked rather ravishing for someone who had just woken up.)

So then Stefan had to leave because he didn't wanna be late for skool, and he gave me a hug and Lindsay and I went to my porch to see him off and then Lindsay had a smoke and we cleaned up my house so it was back to normal and washed the ashtray so that the humans would be none the wiser.

Then my parents came home and Lindsay left around four and I crashed and burned and slept for a while.

I got up and talked to Stefan who was incredibly tired and asked me whether or not my parents were home. I said they were and he said that he was going to eat dinner and go to sleep for about 20 hours so that he wouldn't die, (He's had about 12 hours of sleep total in the past 72... largely thanks to me.) and that he would probably talk to me tomorrow. (It's Friday... new Zim's are on.)

So then I went back into my room and tried to sleep more and all of a sudden there was a knock on my door and Katie and Stacy had come to visit me... and now we are all three trying to hit up a rave on Saturday to end the summer with a bang.

They said they liked my hair.

I have decided that I like my life.

It is interesting enough to keep me going (as of right now) but I don't drive myself crazy.

And right now it is time to have a glass of milk and go to bed and pray that when I come on here tomorrow that my friends page will actually work.

I love all of you, and goodnight. Kisses.

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