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Everybody knows that the prefix "di" means two, and that the prefix "bi" means two, so why doesn't anyone who likes both boys and girls refer to themselves as disexual? That eludes me like the worst of them.

Today I was just chilling in my girls group and my spirits were unusually high. Even so, it seems that no one in there has any sense of humour. Or maybe my sense of humour just sucks because I was talking about all the things I thought were funny and I made a couple of girls giggle with my disexual comment but it seemed like it should have been funnier than it was. And then you can apply it and claim that it means "containing both sexes" and no, I don't mean something that's hermaphroditic. I mean like, if you go to a co-ed school, you could say, "My school is disexual" HA HA HA!! I'm sorry I think that's really funny. I bet Christina would think it's funny. She and I have the same sense of humour, and that's one of the reasons we get along so well. She told me a GREAT story about her boyfriend and the supplies he bought for Prom. He bought hair bleach, hair dye, and an orange julius, and that's all, even after his dad gave him $200 to get all of his stuff. That's funnier than anything. Ok, maybe not, but I always laugh when I think about it. I came home at ten-thirty tonight and I had no messages and only one new person on my caller id. You know who that person was?? Lindsay Brokaw the movie star. Once again I feel like I have been blessed by Jesus himself. I can't call her back though, because if I did, her mom would probably defenestrate her.

I have to tell you a story about some crazy shit that she and I pulled when we were in 8th grade. She knew this guy named Lonnie, and he was in love with her, but she didn't like him because he was one of those lame immature guys. (His name was Lonnie Adams III, but he insisted that his name was Lonnie Adams III Jr. and we always told him that if that WAS his name, that would make him the fourth) Anyway, this one time he called her while I was over, and we decided to play a little prank on him. She told him that she couldn't talk because her cousin Jacyndah was over from London and she was only staying for week. Automatically, he wanted to talk to the British girl, so I did the best I could to fake a British accent, and I guess I did ok, because Lonnie and one of his friends believed that my name was Jacyndah and that I lived in London. Lonnie proceeded to ask "Jacyndah" if he could meet her sometime. All "she" would say was, "Oh perhaps I can find time for you, there's just so much to do in the states!" So anyways, after having played our prank, we got up the next morning and we were straightening my hair, and after we did that, Lindsay the movie star jumped in the shower. She was only in there a few minutes when suddenly I see two boys on bikes outside of her window. Lonnie and his friend had ridden their bikes to her house just to see this British girl, who really didn't exist. I got so freaked out that I ripped open the shower curtain and screamed, "Lindsay! There are BOYS outside." And she didn't believe me! She thought I was lying! But anyway, I finally convinced her that they were there, and she got out of the shower, and we had to talk to them through the window because we didn't want our prank to be exposed, but alas, Lonnie recognised me and "Jacyndah" died. It was fun while it lasted. That's not even half of the crazy shit we used to pull. I shall tell the stories of what we used to do to this poor guy named Matt at a later date, because what we did to him was far more entertaining, yet, SO cruel. I think I'm gonna wrap this entry up for right now because there are some baby carrots calling my name, and just to let you know, the Chinese restaurant I go to is the RIGHT one. Ciao.
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