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Adjective: Babyland.

Today was weird. Woke up to a phone call from Josh and talked to Katie only to discover that the rave we wanted to hit up was in Modesto.

'Where is Modesto?' I asked her. 'Far,' she replied.

So whilst I was online looking for a rave that was cheap, all ages, tonight, and in the city (with NO luck, may I add) Stefan contacts me and asks me if I am joining him and Molly to go see Babyland tonight.

I decided to take the plunge and go with them, and Katie was totally cool with it. I love that girl. She even called me around eight to tell me that she had in fact found something to do with a couple of friends and that she hoped I was having fun. She is just one big ray of sunshine.

So tonight I went to my first Babyland show. It was exciting and great-feeling. I got a t-shirt that Stefan helped me pay for and a free pen with their little "B" logo on it. I can't believe I actually went to one of his Babyland shows with him.

This is one of those nights that I will not soon forget. I am really happy and it is for a reason that I do not know.

Stefan was being really sweet tonight. When he picked me up, I ran down to get in the car and he told me I looked really nice. (I was wearing my knee-high boots and some fishnet-ish tights and my little black skirt and a long-sleeved black v-neck with my hair pulled back in a ponytail.)

Later on in the evening, I was scared of being moshed to death because I had never been to something like that before (not to mention I am short), so I went and stood at the edges, and he came out twice to make sure I was ok and having fun.

On the way home, after we had dropped Molly off, he asked if I could stay out longer than two, because apparently my two curfew was "unfair" and we were gonna call from a payphone in Alameda and say that I was still in the city and it would take me an extra hour or something to get home.

But goddamn Caller ID!!! We decided against that and just went home. Before I got out of the car... I thanked him for helping me pay for the Babyland shirt I bought, and that I would pay him back-- he told me not to worry about it. (But I am gonna pay him back anyway) and then he asked me if I was busy tomorrow.

This is the part where I fall to the floor and have a spaz. He and I have been hanging out hella and he still wants to do something tomorrow evening. Bad part: I agreed to hang out with Travis already-- so I am going to have to pull some seriously slick shit. But maybe not. Travis and I hanging out is merely a business rendezvous-- I have no commitment other than to do him a favour. I will just tell him I need to be home by six because I have shit to do and then I will hang with Stefan until ten.

Then right before I got out of the car, he hugged me.


He made sure that I got in the house then he waved to me and drove off.

Then I came home and got online to post-- and now we are talking. He says it's too early for bed.

So he and I are going to finish our rather pleasant conversation and then I am off to bed. Tomorrow is my last day of summer. (Well, today rather. It DOES indeed say that it's Sunday.)

I can't believe Aaliyah is dead. Tyler enlightened me to this fact. She seemed so young and immortal. I bet this is the way everyone felt when Buddy Holly died. They all die too young. Accidents suck. I still can't believe it. I really don't think it was her time. Even though I'm not some huge Aaliyah fan-- it still makes me really upset that she is dead for some reason.

Anyway-- yes bittersweet night. Ever so glad am I to be alive and 17. Glad and lucky.

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