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In The Flesh, So To Speak...

Ok, let's prioritise.

I got a lovely, wonderful, random new friend today, and I just want to tell her I am tickled any goddamn colour of the rainbow that she wants. Her eyes are open!!

Lindsay gave me a shot-glass that she brought back from Circus Circus because I collect them. She knows!!!

Then there was school. Mediocre, fucking depressing as hell, and expository as well. Now my Lit teacher thinks I'm some sort of expert in writing raw, honest, black comedy.

The funny part was that she gathered all of this from the paper I wrote about my life.

I talked to Ameerah and she said she would help me put my hair in big obnoxious evil looking red braids. Hercorpse actually inspired this from a long past post, speaking of Raggedy Ann on acid. Thank you very, very much. You are inspiring.

Then I came home from school (not much of a relief, my mother is stressing out because I am getting sad again) but then I went to sleep and it was all gravy.

Then I awoke to the sound of a telephone ringing. (CUNT!) and realised that my tongue was all... numb, and it felt as though I had chomped the shit out of both sides of it... a bit swollen too... whatever.

So I went back to sleep for a spell and then woke up to the phone ringing again. 6.45 pm. It was Stefan. He called at exactly the same time yesterday. Deja vu. He wanted to know if I wanted to hang out. As if I would say no. So we got ready and he came and picked me up and we went to Safeway and bought 12 animal print slap bracelets and I even hooked this little girl up with one because the machine ate her money.

Then we went to Lindsay's house to hook her up with some Armor-All and we tortured her neighbours and all that fun stuff and then she brought out the trade-off jacket that she owed me for letting her borrow my pimp jacket. Ah yes.. tomorrow I will be adorned in velvet and it will rock my socks.

So then it was 10.15 and we had to leave to make my curfew (which on school nights is a miserable 10.30) and the car ride home was very quiet except for the snide comments Stefan was making about Rick Astley's "Together Forever".

So then we pull up to my house, and he gives me a hug... (oh yeah, he gave me one when he first picked me up because I gave him a Depeche Mode shirt) and then after he gave me the (what is now happily standard) good-bye hug... he took my hand and kissed it.

What a fucking gentleman. I love him so much, he is so sweet. So I came home and was all happy and I really hope my mom wasn't watching because she doesn't approve of him. He's too "weird-looking". Whatever. I am weird-looking. We can be weird-looking together. If we ever get together. Which I hope will happen.

And he did call me again, with no prompting whatsoever. I just hope it stays like this. I get to see him guaranteed for a little bit tomorrow because Lindsay and I have to stop by and return his Armor-All before we go bowling with Bonnie and two others whose identities are still unknown to us.

"I could take you in my arms... and NEVER let you go-o-o-o-o
I could fall in love... with you."

Selena rules. Too bad she is dead. She was pretty, and she had the Latina body going on. Hooray for big butts, Latina or otherwise.

Yes, that is enough posting for tonight. Need soup and I am probably boring the socks off you people.

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