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If I Were Weaker, And You Loved Me, Would You Still Act This Way?

Last night was hard. I got home and talked to Lindsay and Travis and Bonnie and Stefan. I actually called him, YAY ME!

So anyway... it all boiled down to him and I hanging out and watching Back To The Future #2... and he wrote me an e-mail that I read to myself over and over and over yesterday. Even though it probably means nothing, I am so excited about it.

I think I will post it. Just because then I can read it until the end of time.

"Heya Ka-I mean Jayne thanks for the link you're the greatest ..but I don't know if I could deal with that kind of heel are they all angled foot boots? You're the bright blue cherry on top of my sundae.....meow~~~~later~~~Stefan~~~~"

Pardon me for a moment while I drool on myself. The link he is talking about is the link to the delicious boots. And he calls me Jayne because that's how I sign everything I write to him.

But yeah-- so we watched part of that movie at his house and my tongue was all swollen and in pain so I wasn't in a fabulous mood... but he made me feel better. He held my hand and laid his head on my arm and when Travis came up, he told me that I "didn't need that guy". And he was wearing the shirt that I gave him.

A good-bye hug... that was all. Then I came home and Travis screamed at me for about two and a half hours and then I went to bed. I woke up all depressed and my tongue was beyond this world of pain (I think I have swollen taste-buds) and I started to cry. Not even a week has gone by and I have already missed school. I better not be getting sick before labour day! So I stayed home today and slept and then woke up to my family being here.

I hope my attendance doesn't suck all year long like it did last year. And I missed my counselor's appointment for schedule changes, but I am marching myself in there and getting another one, because I need to change my schedule so that I can graduate.

But yeah. Today came and went with no call from Stefan and I am wondering if we hung out too much. (An instilled paranoia... BAH.) Now I am going to go take more painkillers and perhaps soak my tongue in salt water or maybe try and rip off all my taste-buds. And do homework. And not fail skool. And check my phone.

Alex asked me to marry him tonight. I guess I am engaged now. He has a ring and everything.

Anyone want to be the flowergirl??

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