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Whining Baby

My mother won't take me to the amateur film festival at the library.

Smart people are the craziest and most miserable.

I am anxious and excited for some reason.

Today was a fabulous day.

Alex gave me my ring and I told everyone that I was robbing the cradle.

I changed my answering machine-- someone call me!!

Tonight Zim is on and I am going bowling with Bonnie and Lindsay and a few others... actually, no, a couple others.

Katie and Jessica and a bunch of other people and myself are trying to hit up Superfriends on Sunday.

Andrea said that if I wanted to stay out late tonight with Stefan that I could use her house (to say I am spending the night at) and then she and I are gonna rehash our separate summers in the morning.

Good day.

Oh my, my, my... I'm feeling high... my money's gone.... I'm all alone... to what you see... the world keeps turnin'... oh what a day... what a day, what a day!!


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