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Too Bad Of The Time...


I would like to introduce you all to this lovely girl who is my new friend and has lovely and wonderful writing capabilities and strong opinions that she is not afraid to share.

I should be doing laundry and showering, but I feel like posting instead.

Last night I went to Stefan's to watch Zim, which we watched and taped and then called Bonnie because she said I should bring Stefan bowling.

So the total bowling line-up went like this: (Bowling names in parentheses)

*Bonnie (Bones)
*Andrea (Dre Dog)
*Kristina (She didn't bowl)
*Christina (Crusty)
*Mike (Assklown)
*Avery (Ass)
*Fred (Bozak)
*Lindsay (Yazzy)
*Stefan (Dark Princess)
*Me (Munchkin)

A group a lot bigger than five, but still much fun. It was kind of weird being there while Avery was there because both of us fear the animosity that could or could not be present between each other. (We're exes, and we didn't end peaches and cream... as a matter of fact we ended so awfully I haven't talked to him since I was a freshman. I just want to be his friend now. It would make things easier.) So we all bowled two games except Kristina, who I assume either had no money or didn't want to. Christina asked me if I wanted to get sodas, and when I told her I didn't have any money she says, "Well, do you want to come look at them with me?" I realised I was being dense and going to get sodas meant "Come talk to me about what's going on with you and Stefan." I just told Christina about how much in love with him I was that morning. So we talked, but there was nothing really interesting to report. We watched Zim sitting pretty much on opposite sides of the room from each other, except that I had a bandaid on my hand where Eli scratched me and he asked me if I was really hurt there, and when I said yes, he kissed it. Oh yes, all better. Anyway, half-way through the first game, Lindsay came over and sat down in by us all flushed and sweating and red in the face. As it turns out, she has a physical aversion to bowling. For some reason it makes her have a panic attack. So we tried to hurry up and finish our games so we could go and relieve Lindsay of her stress.

We get outside after paying and everybody has their respective cigarettes and we all kind of chit-chat and then decide to go to Andy's.

When we got to Andy's... Bonnie was not yet there, even though we had to pull some slick shit where we got Lindsay's car from the front of Avery's and told Lindsay's mom that she was staying at my house. So Stefan, Lindsay and myself go into Andy's... and Josh is there. He says hello, but either he was really busy, really sleep-deprived, or really pissed off because the interaction felt a little less than friendly. It was kind of sad, actually. I'm worried about him. He seems so far gone. Maybe he's just having the time of his life and I'm mistaking his business for something else... but really. It makes me kind of sad to see him the way he is. Oh well, to each his own.

So then after Andy's (where Stefan ate some candy off my bracelet, yay me) we all parted ways and I used Bonnie's cell phone to call my mom and tell her I was going to crash at Andrea's.

So then we set out back to Benicia and dropped Miguel off and then Stefan, Lindsay and I went back to Stefan's house to watch Goonies, which Lindsay has never seen and we didn't even get to finish before we went to bed. By the time we turned off the movie it was four am and the alarm was set for eight-thirty. During the movie, we all found our sleeping places (Lindsay was on the top bunk on the couch, and Stefan and I were on the mattresses on the floor) and Stefan put his arm around me and we cuddled for a little while. I LOVE THAT BOY, I LOVE HIM, I LOVE HIM.


The alarm went off at eight-thirty am and I almost had a heart attack because it was so loud and urgent-sounding. (Lindsay's aversion to bowling? I have the same to alarm clocks.) So we all got up and started stirring and I grabbed my stuff and put it in my backpack and then Stefan let me borrow his Zim tape so that I could dub it. We all get in his car and then he drives us to where Lindsay's car is parked, and he asked if I was free tonight. Of course I am. He then gave me a hug and then Lindsay and I drove to my house in Vallejo and tell my mom that everyone who went bowling crashed at Andrea's and we drove her parents insane. She is horrified. She would kill me if I did that to her (bring ten people home to spend the night unannounced). So I lied big-time... but sometimes there are things one must do... and nothing bad happened anyway.

So now I am at home and my skin is crawling because I want to take a shower and do some laundry, and I should probably eat something because I was sick when I got up this morning and there were no carrots.

So yeah. Another [fascinating?] night in the life of me. I love Stefan. I feel like I could be with him forever. And we hung out every day this week except Thursday, which I am ecstatic about.

This weekend promises to hold more interesting stories.

Interesting for me, anyway.

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