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Wish A Wish, Sugar Kiss, Candy Bliss...

How to appeal to girls, lesson one:

Wear shoes and be silent.


So last night I went with Stefan to see Soul Survivors. We bought blue Blow Pops. We watched the movie.

It was ok. A year of anticipation kind of ruined it for me because it wasn't mind-blowingly good like Stir Of Echoes was.

I have this weird scab on the back of my hand that's peeling and won't go away.

After the movie it was twelve, so we went back to his house and chilled. Usually there is some sort of TV or movie going, but last night there was only his lava lamp and a New Order CD. We just laid there on his bed and talked for two hours. He kissed me on the forehead.

I love him. There are a lot of details of what happened but since I didn't post last night they are all foggy and lost to me. I will probably remember them later and post.

I came home, talked to Lindsay on the phone, and then slept.

At which point I had a dream that I wish I never would have woken up from. It was so vivid and when I woke up I wanted to scream until my voice was hoarse and I could no longer speak.

In my dream, Stefan told me that he loved me.

*insert dreamy cibo matto music here*

I think I am going to go get some pictures developed so I feel better. I think it's only like five bucks. And there are pictures of Mya and Aaron on there.

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