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Are You Thinking Of Me When You Fuck Her?

So-- I find it necessary and relaxing to post before I head off to bed, and who comes out to chase me away from my nightly ritual that I go fucking insane if I don't perform?

My parents. BOTH of them. The losers that told me they would leave me the fuck alone because that's what I needed. There sits my mother on the chair in the living room, pretending to be innocent and watch TV. I know what she is up to and I do not appreciate it.

So fine, I have no peace, no privacy, and will probably not get to sleep tonight because of the knots they have tied so TIGHTLY in my stomach. At least they have relieved me of my hunger. Obese people would have a heart attack so fast if they felt half of the rage that I feel right now. I'm not obese yet, but when I get there at least I will die and have some sort of peace.

I would walk through fire to live by myself. Soon, Gadget, soon.

Goodnight all, may your night be far more pleasant than mine.

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