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Personal Thing For Me Only

A Small Index For Me...

Travis - By far the most important, the true love (July '99- May '01)

Mick - The mystery man, the unattainable (January '98- )

Bitch - Someone who everybody could do without (July '00- March '01)

Jake - The self-esteem booster (April '00)

Fidel - The best boy in the world, makes me feel glad to be alive (December '99- )

Edwin - Cute and touristy Frenchman (August '00)

Mikey - Guy with whom I exchange good pick-up lines (August '00- )

Mike - Best friend who left freshman year because of hosebeast stepmom (November '97- )

Post comments if you'd like, but the only reason I am posting this is so I can look at it later and draw information from it. It shouldn't take up this much space or anybody's time.
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