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She's A Cross Dresser, He'll Never Possess Her

I don't know if I like him anymore but I want to.

He makes this face-- it's so cute and expressive.

Too bad it looks like he's beyond this world of pain.

And he screamed "I swear to God, Troy."

It was delicious.

His car is broken.

I bet he won't call me tomorrow.

No new news.

No new kisses either >:/

I really don't think he sees me as anything but a friend.

Travis and I conversed earlier -- he said he saw me and Stefan on First Street.

He said he wanted to beat the shit out of Stefan.

I hope it hurt him really bad. I want him to know how we cuddle and hang out all the time and that I've spent the night at Stefan's more times then I EVER did when I was with him.

Bah to Travis. I hope he dies of heat-stroke in Arizona. I hope no other girl ever has to go through his tortures.

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