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Dance To The Sound Of The Beating Drum

He called me at five eleven. We went to his house and watched Total Recall and punk rock Mike called him. He wanted to know if he wanted to go skating. He said, sure, sometime after ten.

My curfew is ten-thirty. So after they get off the phone I say, "We should probably leave about 9.30."

He says: "I told Mike AFTER ten."

I say: "My curfew is ten-thirty."

He says: "Well, we're not leaving at nine-thirty. Mike can wait."

We ended up leaving at ten.

I love that boy.

On other news, I may actually be going to school tomorrow. Hooray for Earth, I mean me!!

I watched Zim last night and today. That's the most delicious show ever.

My room is still messy and my sunburn still... well, burns. It's all good though. I finally found some macaroni, and I lost three pounds. I am happy.

Goodnight. I am really going to watch Big this time.

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