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It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

And that it is, here. The lightning even lights up my room, whose windows are covered in foil, the rain beats down upon the near hundred-year-old roof, the thunder rattles the windows.

It's cool, this storm could rival any in the movies, and I'm not complaining... but loud noises and uncontrollable acts of nature always give me this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

This storm is bringing everyone together. I've already gotten three phone calls asking if I was seeing this, hearing this, in Vallejo.

(I live in the neighbouring town from all of my friends and it kind of sucks, but at least we have this big storm in common.)

Stefan even called me from Aaron's house and talked to me for 40 minutes. That's a lot on someone else's phone, especially when they are chilling in the room and trying to talk to you at the same time.

Tiz Hiz is sexy. I saw him today. He has this Asian oafish duck-face and I can't get enough of it. He drives me psycho. Just looking at him, my heart races. He's that sexy.

I want to do bad things with that duck-faced boy.

Because I am sick of waiting for Stefan to love me. Why should I wait? A girl should have fun.

So that's it.

I'm off to get some dinner and enjoy the storm.


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