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These Automatic Flowers Won't Do

Heh. I went over there tonight and talked about boneless clowns and things of that sort. It was delicious.

Then I remembered that I was supposed to call Devon, and I was worried. I figured I would talk to her tomorrow and tell her that my meds zonk me out, 'cos it's true.

So thinking of Devon led me to thoughts of homecoming. (She wants me to do her hair and then have us all dress up, costume-ball like.)

He asked me who I was going with and I told him I didn't wanna go with anyone from school, because all the school people suck. I told him it would be funny if he would let me dress him up twenties style.

Then he said if he were to go, he'd want to wear a dress. So I told him I would be down for that (boy would I!!) and he asked if the skool would be down with that. The school couldn't do shit as long as I had a bid and he didn't break anything.

So I might be going to homecoming with a boy in a dress.

Aren't I the funniest senior you know?

Oh yeah, and I ran around skool in a skeleton mask. That was cool. I was told that I was one of the only people that could pull it off.

And I dressed like Rasputina for the senior panoramic picture.

Fun, fun, fun till my daddy takes my T-bird away.

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