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Wanna Be A Dolphin

Clickety-clack go the keyboard keys. I am sitting here in the library during third period because Mr. Greene is giving us a free day. I felt like going to the computer lab so I could listen to music while I posted, but it's all dark and closed so here I sit, and I was already logged in, so I get the eerie feeling that someone is watching my every word, right as I type it.

I want to start talking like Rasputina, because everyone who meets them talks about how they don't seem of this age and they are beautifully (and hideously at the same time, not necessarily in that order) detached from this day and all the bad things that go with it. I bet their speech patterns are beautiful.

ICE CREAM!! Buy it, 'cos I HAVE it!! Speaking of which, the beautiful Lindsay the movie star isn't here today, and she totally skipped out on a test that we had in Government class that I feel I did reasonably well on. My driver's test is October 10th. If I fail it I will die because I have been waiting WAY too long to start driving, AND I have a car that is ready to be driven the shit out of, that's how new it is. But I want to put in a stereo that has tape AND CD capabilities for when I am on the go, so that I will always be satisfied with my selection.

I want him to wear a dress to homecomimg, that would make my bloody year. My mom is appaled at the idea but still strangely amused. The people I have told that it might happen think it is by far the most fun idea ever. This year is all about insanity, and that's exactly what it would promote.

Lindsay, where are you? If you are at home and are reading this post, I want you to know that 1) you are dearly missed (Christina is not here either) and 2) it feels weird being at school with you being at home. I am the slacker with crappy attendance, remember?

I have group tonight and hopefull Chinese food. I was supposed to have Chinese food last week, but something happened where I couldn't... either I went to Stefan's or I didn't go to group. My shoulders are peeling and they itch. I am taking up too much precious time and space to type this.

I will go for now and rave about Chinese food later.

PS -- I like typing into the little box that is the LJ client rather than updating online, it feels weird. But at least I remembered the multiple options page before I typed all this and then got pissed when it disappeared.

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