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Yo Show 'Em What Ya Got!!


I made a new friend on LJ and she's from the UK!! It's so exciting! She uses words like "brill" and I love it!! I love reading stuff like that!

Anyway, she lives in chaos and I'm sure she would love random comments!! Go say HI!!

Other than that, today was Katie's 18th birthday and I was sick so I couldn't give her the balloon that I bought her.

Lindsay told me that they finally made LJ invitation-only for real. So do only paid users get to invite people? Because if free members get to invite people, I would really like to know how, because Ameerah and Allegra are wonderful writers and people and are enthralled by the idea of LJ, but can't make one without the invite :(.

And because of the restrictions LJ is starting to impose, deadjournal's popularity is rising.

I have to admit, I have one.

And J-Man never uses his. It is dismaying. Oh well.

Lauren posted my phone number on LJ. I laughed. I hope I get some weird, obscure, middle-of-the-night phone calls from people on her list.

That would be tight.

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