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Is Your Innocence All That You Can Give?


Travis just called me from Arizona. Told me he had tried to call three or four times since he'd been there but that I was never home. Called Stefan my boyfriend.

He's been gone since the 26th of September and he's tried to call three or four times? Wow.

He told me it was nice talking to me, and that Arizona is a lonely place. He said Ryan gets calls all the time from everyone, his girlfriend, his parents, his grandparents.

He said no one has called him since he's been there.

Asked me how I was doing.

Told me not to be a stranger.

Told me he missed me.

Asked me if we were still going to prom together, because I told him that Stefan and I were going to homecoming.

I told him I would have to see when prom time came.

He said, "Or maybe you'll just have to see if it's ok with Stefan."

We're not together. But it kind of seems like we are.

Travis is now officially a friend.

I told him about Tiz Hiz, and he said, "He's Asian?!!"

Yes. Tiz Hiz is Asian. And he's totally not my type. Which is probably why I love him so much.

My Type -- Tiz Hiz

pale -- dark
blue eyes -- brown eyes
skinny -- built
high voice -- deep voice

See? Totally not my type but I am infatuated.

The phone died before we stopped talking.

I wonder if he really will call me like he says.

He was listening to a tape that I made him.

Now my life really has been sent spinning.

I guess him leaving didn't really mean he was out of my life.

It's never that easy.

I just hope the distance and the sweet words don't make me fall back in love with him.


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