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She Thinks She's An Addict

I know a girl, and her sister was taking hard drugs for two months before she was caught and detoxed. So now the girl hates her sister and thinks that she's lame because she was taking her recovery seriously, and telling people, "I had a problem, I was an addict, and I've worked through it." That may seem lame to some people, but any type of recovery is a big deal. We ran out of Coke here and I've been drinking Diet Coke and it sucks for me because that stuff is all infused with saccharin and other bad stuff that will make you have symptoms of MS.

Funny Stuff... a dialogue about being stacked... and NOT being stacked:
Double D: ok...
Double D: there's a breast enlargement herbal commercial on the radio...
Me: you trying to tell me something :P
Double D: no no
Double D: i'm serious
Double D: i'm listening to live 105...
Double D: are you implying that you have small breasts then?
Me: no, I'm not very stacked, that's what I'm saying
Double D: "stacked"?
Me: you know, I don't have Pamela-Anderson-style breasts
Me: which is why the wood bra would work for me
Double D: you're talking about firmness, yes?
Me: I'm talking about largeness
Double D: oh
Me: if someone is stacked, it means they have HUGE boobs
Double D: ok
Double D: I didn't know that
Me: LOL, which is funny, because boobs are also called a rack
Me: "she's stacked in her rack"
Double D: right
Me: you'd think they were talking about stereo equipment
Double D: heh

I think that's all for the moment.
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