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All Hail Brak? No.

June 18th -- I went to a rave without her, I'm going to be driving and going to lots more without her. She's going to kill me. I don't want her to hate me. That would be bad.

Why do all the cute guys do drugs? That makes me so sick, man. It's like .. maybe it's the drugs that make them cute. This guy that was completely out of his mind that was on some kind of illegal substance that he claimed his friends just "gave" him... he was cute. His name was Matt and he was fucking adorable. Matt is a good names. It's one of those names that you know the guy behind it is fine like a mother. Anyways, he was pale and skinny and bald (just the way I like) but he was nuts. Damn the drugs.

Marilyn Manson used to be hot, but all of the drugs made him saggy. His muscles have all disappeared and pretty soon he will collapse like all of his vein walls. I can't wait to upload more pics. You will all be hypnotised by my bright orange locks... and the ones from Santa Cruz... holy shit, I'm still in pink. And my roots are coming in. Roots suck.

Bon Jovi music videos from the 80's, on the other hand, do not.

Vlasic is the best.

Yes, I spent all night walking around like a mental patient, and that IS a thing and it IS possible. Don't try to lie to me.

Tomorrow I must
1) Get the Santa Cruz pictures developed
2) Get kitty litter and other such cat stuff
3) Pick up mr. unnamed kitten
4) Get Tanja a going away gift

Busy day.

Walking around like a mental patient consists of walking around when every muscle and nerve in your body burns and screams no when you move. That's what I get for not moving around all that much.

June 29th -- Well I picked up my cat, got the Santa Cruz pictures back, got Tanja a going away present (she is now back at home in Germany where Jessica and I get to visit her next summer) and picked up all the kitty litter and food and stuff for the cat. Everything was accomplished and it was very nice.

Now I need to get a job. I was reading bitter glitter's journal and aside from being amazingly beautiful with sparkles and everything like that, she had this raver manifesto on there that totally blew me away. It made me happy and I wanted to frolic across the fields and now I feel a great pang of horror as I will not be able to attend Imagine this evening *sob*.

Oh well. They say everything happens for a reason. (There better be a damn good reason why I can't go! That cute blue-haired guy is going to be there.)

On another note, there are a few movies that come out tonight and maybe I can convince my mom to go out to one with me... we're already talking about what kind of dinner we're gonna have, because it's just me and her, and we don't have to accommodate anyone else's needs tonight. I want that to-die-for Won Ton Soup from the China Gourmet.

And speaking of to-die-for.. I watched a Rick Moranis movie yesterday. It was nuttier than putty. Other than that my week has been pretty pointless. It took me nine days of off and on reading to finish the four Harry Potter books, and now that they're done, I have nothing to do but wait for the movie and now I will be able to truly measure which is better.

I like the suns.

July 6th -- I'm 17 and I feel like I rule the Earth, so maybe it's actually possible. I'm gonna watch some not-so-depressing DVD's tonight and maybe scan some pictures. Actually, that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Scanning pictures sounds fun.

Too bad I can't borrow the pictures Lindsay has. And she still has my Sunny Delight. I am craving some fake OJ hardcore.

My cats are acting cute. I currently have two of them. I want a whole bunch of them so that I can say weird things like, "I have a bag of cats"

July 23rd -- Hello once again, everyone.

I wore the red and black sex dress today. I was very proud of myself. I took pictures, I don't know when they will be developed. I wore black platforms. My whole self screamed, "I am easy, take me."

But I'm not really easy. I sit with my legs crossed. But I do have a very vivid imagination. I like black eyeliner. I chew Juicy Fruit gum and drink Citra. I would like to make more user icons or maybe get a paid account. I want everyone to know I have an alter ego, but that they have to find it for themselves.

Everyone probably already knows. Especially Dustin.

July 26th -- I got a beautiful new car today. 2001 Hyundai Accent GL in Silver with only 14 miles on the odometer. I need fuzzy dice and a foot-shaped air freshener!

The speakers are big and beautiful. I think I am going to cry. LOVE.

Rheum is still untouched. How can a rheum so small be so overwhelming and intimidating. Every time I clean it, I promise myself that I will never again let it get dirty, but it always seems to. I think I just need more garbage cans in there, I am pretty sure that's my fatal flaw!

July 28th -- Last night the universe turned in my favour once again. It sent me high as a kite and then I took max. dose Neurontin and woke up, had jelly legs for about five seconds, and now I am fine. Mother hump!

Lindsay called me and I was so glad. I told her everything. She told me I carry my weight really well. She would have guessed 130 she said. She is so beautiful and glamorous. I don't fit into any of her pants because she is so stylish, but some of her shirts fit. She said I had a nice ass. Maybe I should concentrate on the good instead of the bad.


September 17th -- 11:26 pm - Take Me Up
Le sigh. He kissed me tonight. The first night ever. I knew 17 would turn out to be a good day somehow.

Ok, so these are all memorable posts from the name I used to post on that was a different LJ identity, and so I am deleting it, I have to save these posts somewhere.

I was "George_Michael"... it was wonderful. For how long it lasted.

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