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He Say He Wear Garlic Around Neck And Sleep With Cross...

My eyes are burning. I had a wicked fight with my mother this morning and she's convinced that I am going to be kicked out of skool.

I spent the first three periods being crazy. Laughing and crying at the same time and actually feeling my heart breaking.

I love Eli.

I talked to Tiz Hiz today. He might hang out with Lindsay and me on Friday. I pinched his cheeks. He's so cute.

I also talked to the supermodel. I told him I wanted to braid his hair, and he said, "That's good. I was looking for someone to braid my hair."

I asked him what was wrong with his hand (it was bandaged) and he said, "Nothing, I was being stupid, don't worry about it."

I said, "Come on, tell me, everybody wants to know."

He said, "How about I tell you when you come over and braid my hair."

Come over? Whoa Nelly. He's taking sexuality classes at junior college and though he's quiet he has this ferocious sex look in his eyes.

I SHOULD go to his house and braid his hair. In his room. With the door locked.

What am I saying?

Oy, I am delirious. I need to sleep. I need to clear out my jukebox. I need to buy Alicia Keys. I need to stop writing and being odd.

And guess what? Two months worth of a paid account was given to me last night by one of my LJ friends. I'm not sure if I am at liberty to reveal her name, but she's adorable and when I got the message that I had received a gift, I got a tear in my eye.

So I am a paid user. Two months will be enough time to save my money and be able to get a paid account for real.

I revere the girl who gave me this spring board. I will treasure these two months.


Even though this day has been bad, there is a little spark inside of me that brings a distant smile to my face.

Maybe it's love, maybe it's fate... but for now I will not question it.

I am glad to be happy.

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