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Arrange My Books In Order...

I can't believe I haven't posted since Wednesday! That's not like me.

Oh well. First things first:

Happy birthday Lisa!!

Ok-- so I haven't been doing anything for the past couple of days besides staying home, sleeping, and reading my friends page... but I'm not sure if I have been commenting.

Tonight I cleaned my room and stayed home to watch Zim. Lindsay came and watched it with me and Stefan called... I told him I wasn't watching Zim with him like on Wednesday or something and he didn't seem to care. But tonight he asked me if we were hanging out afterwards. I said yes. So much for me playing hard to get. He also said that he had two surprises for me, and I felt like I was going to be sick.

Lindsay wanted to hang out with Aaron so she and I decided to go to Stefan's and make him bring Aaron along, but we were both hungry so we decided to stop by the store first. We bought a big fat Entenmann's cake and some milk and we stole some forks from my house to eat it with.

I told Lindsay I wanted to eat it in the parking lot so no one would catch us, and she said no. She said that if we drove up and parked up the hill from Stefan's house, we wouldn't get caught. So we go up there, and right as the second fork-full passes over our lips, and we see this floating head coming up the hill. It was Stefan wearing all dark colours and going, "What the fuck are you guys doing sitting in a car in the dark by my house?"

Lindsay and I screamed "No!" at him a few times and then told him to go get Aaron and prepare him for the coming. Then we ate some more cake and got all paranoid and kept looking behind us, and then all of a sudden, we felt the car shaking because someone was on our bumper!! It was Aaron, and then they came up against the windows and were trying to unlock the doors, and Lindsay and I panicked and drove away. We went down the hill, put the cake away, applied lipstick, fixed our hair, and almost killed each other with insane amounts of Binaca.

We came back up to find the boys scratching their heads outside and asking us if we had cake. We fiercely denied it. They said we were weird. We went back to Stefan's to get Lindsay a clove. Stefan went in to tell his mom what was going on, and I thought I saw Stefan's Zim CD laying on the top bunk, so I picked it up to see, and underneath it there was a CD that looked really familiar, but I couldn't figure out why I knew the cover.

Then it clicked in my brain where it was from.

It was the Rasputina "Lost and Found" EP.

I dropped the Zim CD back down on top of it as though I had discovered a dead body. My eyes were wide as saucers and I could feel the colour drain from my face. I turned to Lindsay and in an urgent whisper I said, "We have to act like we didn't see that!!" She looked at me, puzzled, and lifted the Zim CD to see what it was. She said nothing except, "Well, let's sit down." Yes. Mind of the criminal. Act natural.

We rolled onto the bottom bunk laughing like idiots and were soon rejoined by Aaron and Stefan. Stefan took the CD's from his bunk and put them on top of the VCR. I breathed a sigh of relief. They weren't for me. Thank God.

They got Lindsay's clove and we all went outside and Lindsay smoked and we all sat on the pavement and talked.

Then it was Lindsay's curfew, so she had to go. I grabbed my stuff out of her car and told her I would be joining her for the seedy pa-y tomorrow. She said, "You are??!!" and let out a shreik of approval and drove off.

Then Aaron said he was going to turn in for the evening, and took mine and Stefan's arms and made us give each other a hug. He let out an evil guffaw and scampered up to his house. (Yesterday he and I had a discussion about being open. He said if he was me, he would have killed Stefan by now because nothing is defined.)

Stefan and I went back down to his house, arms around waists, and settled in the warm, dark room that is now so familiar.

I had taken off my coat and was petting his cat and all of a sudden, he hands me something.

It was the CD's. Christ. The one on top was a CD he made for me. It wasn't the Zim CD at all. It even has The Lovecats on it.

The other was the Lost and Found. I am now the proud owner of that Rasputina EP. I got so excited, he ordered it like a week ago. I thought that was so sweet and considerate.

I wanted to scream. I gave him a big hug instead. I would have kissed him for it, had I the guts. But I lack the guts.

I put the CD's in a safe place and we spent the next two hours watching Powerpuff Girls and tickling and biting each other, and then fell asleep.

We woke up and drove home, and we hit some freeway cones on the way just for kicks. He gave me a hug and went on my merry way, to listen to the custom mix and post.

He later got online and told me he thought I would love it, to enjoy, and he would talk to me tomorrow.

He made one of these faces :-* but I don't understand what that means.

And now I am off to make some potato soup and watch a calm movie to help me sleep. I'm so high off the ground and excited that it will be a miracle if I sleep at all tonight.

He's so sweet, and I love him. If we were older, I would marry him.

The plan for tomorrow was actually that I would go and meet some guy at this pa-y to take my mind off this obsession I have, and perhaps get my swerve on with.

Now I won't be able to.

Well, shit.

It's not like I really wanted to in the first place.

Even though we're not together.

But still, what he did for me within the past week, I will not shit on by getting groovy with some stranger who would never in a million years find a credit card and buy me Rasputina.

He has what I have lacked for every other boy I've liked. He has my respect.

Potatoes are calling me!

Taco, taco, taco!!

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